Weekly Class in English with Geshe Lhundup

From 20st September 2021 to July 2022


Weekly Classes

You can register for weekly lessons throughout the year !


For year-round registration, you will have access to all course recordings since September 2021.

You will receive the link for the recorded teachings.


If you have any questions regarding your registration,

Please reach us by phone at 0615 631 500 (between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.)

or by email: contact.sagessedutibet@gmail.com


Welcome to new students who wish to join !!



Monday : A-Tri (ཨ་ཁྲིད་) Teachings with Geshe Lhundup

When ?


From 20st September 2021 to July 2022

Monday 7.PM to 8.15PM (Paris Time)

For Who ?

Beginners and already practicionners

The Program :


Initiation to A-Tri in 15 Parts following the texts of A-Tri by Dru Gyalwa Yungdrung :

  1. Philosophy and Practice on Impermanence
  2. Refuge, Boddhicitta, Compassion
  3. Guru Yoga
  4. Mandala Offerings
  5. Semzin or "Catching the Mind"
  6. Meditation Trek chöd 
  7. Integration Zhiné and Lhag thong
  8. Tsa Lung or recognize Rang jung yeshe
  9. Learning the purity of meditation
  10. Pure wisdom
  11. Sleep Yogas 
  12. Developing vision capabilities 
  13. Turning thoughts into a path
  14. The Fruits
  15. Phowa and dedications
Thank You Serge Komas
Thank You Serge Komas

* The annual subscription is :


  • Subscription from September 21, 2021 to mid-July 2022 for online courses on Zoom with Géshé Lhundup.
  • Throughout the duration of the subscription : permanent access to all recordings for the year of this course. The advantage of being able to connect at any time, if you are not free one session, it gives you the possibility of being able to catch up or review the course to fully understand.
  • Complete program of progression over the year
  • Monthly plan automatically renewed to make it simple for everyone, or subscription to the quarter or year with an advantageous rate
  • With the possibility of paying by bank transfer, cheques, PayPal or Stripe
  • Possibility of joining the group during the year by having access to all the courses of the year thanks to the video recordings for the registration for the year




You would like to register for the weekly teachings with Geshe Lhundup ? 


  1. Send an email to contact.sagessedutibet@gmail.com specifying your choice : number of lessons, duration and price desired, as well as the method of payment and the number of monthly payments desired- We will send you the connection zoom link in return as well as the necessary informations 
  2. For the new people, if you would like to have a specific interview with Géshé Lhundup before your beginning with the group, it is possible, please ask us
  3. If you have difficulty registering or paying, you can contact us on +0033 0615631500 Angélique (between 11am and 7pm- Paris Time) or by mail : contact.sagessedutibet@gmail.com
  4. You can become a membership of the association Sagesse du Tibet and support the activities of Géshé Lhundup if you wish, it's 30€/year, please press the button below " Adherer ", and the specific formular with HelloAsso, or contact us by mail


Participation for courses from September 2021 to July 2022:

Class Duration: 1h15


For 1 Month


For 3 Months  For the Year*
1 Session/ Week

 50€/1 Month  =

12,50€/1 Session


12 Session : 120€/3 Months =

10€/1 Session



40 Sessions : 

  • Normal fee 300€/ Year* = 7,50€/Session
  • Reduction fee 200€/Year*
  • Benefactor 600€

Possibility to pay monthly membership


For Your Payment :

Please chhose the way you wish to pay, by PayPal or Stripe, in 1 Times or monthly :  

  • the Normal fee 300 € with Stripe 

Membership fee

Paying your membership fee means supporting Sagesse du Tibet Association. 

The Membership fee is 30€ /Year.  It is a legal requirement to be up to date with your annual membership fee in order to participate in the events organised by the association. The annual membership fee is valid from September the 1st to end of June .


Please register with HelloAsso below or for a payment by bank transfer, please contact us directly: contact.sagessedutibet@gmail.com

 French cheques in euros are still a possible means of payment for the annual fee and should be sent to the usual address of the secretariat.

Thank you for your support.

Technical Informations : Zoom

Note that you must first create a ZOOM account and download the zoom app. It will launch automatically when you click on the link you received in the confirmation email and you can enter the online meeting. 

On a computer or laptop, go to this link to download Zoom: https://zoom.us/support/download

On a mobile device or tablet, go to the Apple App store or the Google Play store and search for "Zoom". Install Zoom Cloud Meetings.