Science and the Rainbow Body, Part 8: Light Body Transformations

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By Asa Hershoff - Buddhistdoor Global | 2020-05-06 |


To create a Light Body is not magic, nor the result of wishful thinking. It is science—transformational science.

A new embodiment made of quarks and photons does not arise without cause, nor without the interaction of many moving parts.

Like everything else in our manifest world, the process follows specific steps and stages.


Just like a plant, it requires the equivalent of the right soil, moisture, atmosphere, solar energy, temperature, and much else.

There must also be a seed in the first place, a lineage stretching back to ancient primal forests.


But simple DNA is not enough, for the forces that create the actual shape of our liver, legs, arms, or that of a leaf, are unknown to contemporary science. All growth and development occurs in spirals, in geometric forms whose mathematical formula are written in the ether. 



The morphogenic fields of which English author Alfred Rupert Sheldrake speaks are also the stuff of the visionary, the mystic, the meditating tantric, the illuminated yogi.

An energetic scaffold already exists for living things, for the growing plant, the budding embryo.

But in the case of the fully formed human being, trying to form a secondary body, a new spiritual embodiment, there is nothing ready-to-wear.


The Light Body structure is present only as a potential, an incomplete outline waiting to be colored in.

The fascial sheaths, primo vascular system, cell microtubules, and stabilized fourth state water are our latticework.

And the whizzing universe of photons and electromagnetic forces within us are the stuff to be molded into a body of rainbows.

These are the templates, as well as the raw material that will become “enlightened.”

For, as we know, in some cases the entire body becomes nothing other than luminosity, while others leave a form shrunken down to a miniature version of its previous bulk.


Rainbow Body

A groundbreaking study of Rainbow Body in the Bön tradition

The attainment of Rainbow Body, the ultimate fruit (p. 211)
The attainment of Rainbow Body, the ultimate fruit (p. 211)


In 2008, Loel Guinness completed a Masters dissertation at the University of Oxford on the subject of “Rainbow Body” (jalü), one of the most esoteric aspects of the Bön religion.


He later expanded this preliminary study into a much more substantial work, and the final result was published in 2018 under the title Rainbow Body (Chicago, Serindia Publications, 2018).


In his foreword to the book, Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche concludes with the observation that “Mr Loel Guinness, the author of the present work, has had a long immersion in these matters, and has investigated them over a considerable period of time both as a practitioner and as a researcher.”