Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche ཤར་རྫ་བཀྲ་ཤིས་རྒྱལ་མཚན་
He was born on the 8th day of the 3rd month of the year of the Earth sheep, 1859. The name of the village in which Shardza was born is Da ” in the foothills” of that place. His father, belonged to the clan of Hor, and was called Tashi Ga and, his mother was called Boleg. Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen attained the Rainbow Body in the year of 1935. Tenzin Wangyal recognised that the boy had a very long lasting connection with him over many past lives. (...)

Zhang Zhung Meri
Yidam · 07. mai 2022
In the Bönpo tradition of Tibet, Zhangzhung Meri is a meditational deity of the Bon religion arising from the ancient land of "Zhang Zhung" in Tibet. He is believed to be the high protector of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud lineage. Zhang Zhung Meri is one of the principal deities of Zhang Zhung, the place where the Bön teachings first arrived in Tibet, considered now to be in the area around Mount Kailash. Zhang Zhung Meri is associated with Mount. Kailash...

5 éléments · 07. mars 2021
QUELQUES EXTRAITS présentant les cinq éléments dans le Chamanisme tibétain le Tantra et le Dzogchen tiré du livre de Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoché «GUÉRIR PAR LES FORMES L’ÉNERGIE ET LA LUMIERE" « Nombreux sont les Occidentaux qui parlent de chamanisme tibétain, mais, comme je l'ai déjà mentionné, il n'existe pas d'ex­pression de ce genre en tibétain. La tradition bœun parle plutôt de "véhicules de la cause", représentant les quatre premiers niveaux des enseignements bœuns

' Rainbow Body ' by Loel Guinness
Rainbow Body · 28. février 2021
In 2008, Loel Guinness completed a Masters dissertation at the University of Oxford on the subject of “Rainbow Body” (jalü), one of the most esoteric aspects of the Bön religion. He later expanded this preliminary study into a much more substantial work, and the final result was published in 2018 under the title Rainbow Body (Chicago, Serindia Publications, 2018). In his foreword to the book, Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche concludes with the observation that “Mr Loel Guinness (...)

Sherab Chamma
Yidam · 19. juin 2020
" Mère de Sagesse et d'Amour Sherab Chamma (sherab signifie sagesse; cham signifie amour; ma signifie mère) est une déesse de la sagesse issue de la tradition Bön, la plus ancienne tradition spirituelle du Tibet. Selon l'histoire orale du Bön, ces enseignements remontent à de nombreux milliers d'années, originaires d'Asie centrale puis se déplaçant dans le pays du Zhang Zhung, dont une partie est devenue le Tibet occidental. "

Mon premier professeur son nom était Togden Drimey Yungdrung Rinpoché, il a passé sa vie à pratiquer. My first teacher his name was Togden Drimey Yungdrung Rinpoche he spent his life time to practice.